Vocabulary Diagnostic Test Part A – Word Usage


Complete this form to take the Supreme Tutor SAT diagnostic test. This test will help us determine your SAT vocabulary level. Your score will be displayed in the results at the end of this test.

Mark “A” (Correct) if the bold-faced words in the following sentences are used correctly or “B” if they are used incorrectly.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Part A

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1.Min accosted the woman when he approached  her in a friendly manner.

2.The boy was not able to drink the lemon juice because it had an acrid, unbearable taste.

3.Gandhi was a strong advocate of human rights for Indian citizens.

4.John used great alacrity to solve the math problem, needing four days to complete it.

5.Having a keen aesthetic sense, the woman was repulsed by tranquil, pastoral paintings.

6.The child was admonished by his parent for dashing across the crosswalk before the traffic signal light changed to red.

7.Eureka had an affinity for one of her classmates with whom they shared similar interests.

8.An adage tells us that pursuing wealth on a continuous basis is both desirable and beneficial.

9.The athlete decided to abandon playing basketball to be a teacher.

10.Amidst jeers and boos, the student received the award with great acclaim.

11.After Dave lost his job he moved from an affluent to a modest home.

12.Refusing to listen to anyone, the school principal was quite affable.

13.By speeding while driving, Jane adhered to the traffic laws.

14.The collector was renowned for his acquisition of antiques.

15.As an accomplice, the thief’s partner refused to assist him in committing the burglary.