Common English Pronunciation Sounds and Symbols

  • Long Vowel Sounds

  • ā              cake 
    ē              he 
    ǐ               hi 
    ō              so 
    ōō           cōōl 
    yōō         fuse 

  • Short Vowel Sounds

  • ă            sat

    ĕ            hĕn

    ǐ             sǐt

    ŏ            dŏt

    ŏŏ          lŏŏk

    ŭ             cŭp

    yŏŏ          lure

  • Variants other sounds

  • ä             fär

    â             dare

    êr           mêre

    ô             clôth

    oi            foil or board

    ou           loud            

    ûr            burst

    ∂               ago,

    again,    happily

  • Consonants

  • b           bat 

    c            cat 

    d            dog 

    f             far 

    g             game 

    h             hard 

    j               jar 

    k              kite 

    l               love 

    z              zebra

  • Consonants

  •  m             mop

     n              note

     p               pan

     r                rain

     s                sale

     t                tea

     v               vase

    w               wall

     y                yell

  • Consonant Blends

  • Beginning with s

    scare, skate, slab, smell

    snail, spell, split, spray, squeak

    stair, strand, sweat

    Ending with l

    blue, clock, flight, glow


    Ending with r

    break, cram, dream

    fright, grace, pry, truck

  • Consonant Diagraphs

  • ch        chair

    sh        dash

    th         thick

    th         there

    gh         laugh

    zh         usually

  • Silent Letter Combinations

  • mb        lamb

    wh         who

    wr         wrote

    kn         knight

    gn         gnat

    ck          stick

    wh        while


  • Words with Double Consonants

  • ball, tomorrow,

    less, soccer,

    cliff, mass

Pronunciation Lessons

Pronunciation Diagnostic Test is free to users. we will then analyze students’ speaking skills and assign the a score between 1 (the lowest) and 6 (The highest – speaker speaks like a native speaker). Based on the students’ scores, we will recommend an English Pronunciation program to them. The lessons would be categorized as follows:

Level 1 – Low beginning (level)

Level 2 – High beginning

Level 3 – Low intermediate

Level 4 – High Intermediate

Level 5 – Low advanced

Level 6 – High advanced


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