College Preparatory Counseling Services

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Platinum College Preparatory Counseling Services Plan


    3 hours minimum, payable in advance

    $90.00 hourly

    3 hours weekly; 12 hours monthly


The all-inclusive Platinum plan is provided to families looking for a full-service, concierge-style approach to the college admissions process. This package provides students the option to study in a small group or on a one-on- one basis through the entire process, with no cap on time, and help with every step from the moment you start to the day your child’s final choice is made. The Elite offering includes:

This Online Package includes:

Weekly online tutoring: 3 hours weekly after school; small group tutoring of academic subjects), including

  • Homework assistance; English, Math, Science, AP Class prep
  • SAT/PSAT, ACT Test Preparation Consulting
  • SSAT, ISEE Counseling and test preparatory services
  • Priority scheduling and expedited turnaround time for deliverables
  • Dedicated liaison for research projects and calendar coordination
  • Regular parent updates
  • Extra assistance, as needed
  • And much more!
College Admissions Counseling
  • Silver Plan

    100 Hours


We also offer our Silver Plan which includes additional enhancements individualized to your student’s needs. For our time-based offering, the silver plan provides up to 160 hours of step-by- step guidance through the admissions process. We have personalized packages for International and Transfer students, as well.

Supreme Tutor Education Counseling Silver Plan is a suite of add-ons for families who have purchased the Platinum package and are looking for additional college application assistance. It includes your choice of the following options:

  • Essay Intensive – Four hours a week of individualized, one-on- one guidance with your dedicated admission’s expert and with a focus on intensive essay work.
  • Essay/Interview Intensive – Four hours of intensive essay/prompt work as noted above, plus daily interview preparation, via phone, through our online learning center or Skype, or in person with a college expert to make sure your child shines in person, as well as on paper.
  • Offsite Locations – In-person meetings with your child’s committed admission’s expert tasked to meet with you at a location of your choice.
  • College Visit Concierge – Custom-planned college-visit plans, which includes scheduling and booking tour appointments.
  • Committee Style Review – A hand-selected group of our admission experts will review and weigh in on each element of the application in a simulation of the college application evaluation process. Experience the complete process now to set your child up to succeed later.
  • These add-ons – are only available as features in our silver plan. For our time-based offering, the Premier package provides up to 64 hours of step-by- step guidance through the admissions process.

Supreme Tutor Education Counseling/ English Language Training (ELT) ( 6 Levels)

Platinum Plan for English as a second language (ESL) students

*Cost (Based on 48 weeks annually)

  • One-to- one (minimum 12 hours)

    One month 12 hours ($1800); Four months paid in advance– 48 hours ($7,000)

    $150.00 hourly
  • Small Group (3-5 students) (minimum 12 hours)

    One month (minimum12 hours) ($900); Four months paid in advance ($3,200)

    $75.00 hourly
  • Medium sized group (6-10 students) (minimum 12 hours)

    One month (minimum 12 hours) ($720); Four months paid in advance ($2,800)

    $60.00 hourly
  • Large group 11-20 students (when available) (minimum 12 hours)

    One month (minimum 12 hours)($1200); Four months paid in advance ($2,400)

    $50.00 hourly

Note: Students will initially be given an English diagnostic test to determine their English language skills.
*Books, supplies and other costs are separate

English levels includes:

  • Beginning Skill Levels: I and II
  • Intermediate Skill Levels: I and II
  • Advanced Skill Levels I and II

*Students are tested every six months to determine their progress from one level to the next.

Supreme Tutor Education Package plans: Tutoring + USA College Admissions Counseling

This program package can be purchase at the following rates:

  • One-year plan

    six (6) months; 12 hours weekly tutoring; unlimited college counseling services, Small Group (3-5 students); individual counseling:

    $10,000 (200 hours annually + College admissions prep counseling)
  • Four – year plan

    Small Group discount 6-8 Students

    $8,000 annually; $32,000 for four years

Daily Tutoring in English Fundamentals

Package Includes:

  • Intensive in person and/or online tutoring in Supreme Tutor’s Online English Program
  • Beginning English speaking, academic and casual reading comprehension
  • Intensive grammar, sentence, paragraph and essay composition
  • Vocabulary development (use of formal and informal word structures (collocations, idiom and slang)
  • Word Analysis, including the use of affixes (roots, prefixes and suffixes) to understand word meanings

College/University Admissions Counseling for International Students

Applying from outside the United States creates the unique challenge of translating international accomplishments to U.S. admissions. Our advisors, counselors and educators will help you gain admission to colleges and universities in the United States.

Online English Improvement:

TOEFL/TOEIC Test Prep and Counseling Services; Online tutoring provided in English speaking, listening, writing and reading comprehension.

The International package offers individualized, unlimited counseling sessions with a counselor. You are able to choose your preferred communication method (phone, email, or video conference) that matches your schedule and meeting place.

Get help with:

Pre – Admissions Support – Academic selections and extracurricular activities.

Targeted College List – Customized list of recommended “best fit” colleges based on the personalized assessment and our inside knowledge of college acceptance criteria.

The Essay –We provide comprehensive guidance on brainstorming topics and advice around content development to ensure the finished essay reflects your child’s unique strengths and personality.

Interview Prep – Our experts draw from years of experience conducting college interviews to provide interview strategies, conduct mock interviews, and build confidence and ease nerves.

Standardized Test Strategy (TOEFL, SAT, TOEIC, ISEE, and SSAT Tests)

We advise your child about test choices and scheduling. This also includes advisement about each school’s testing requirements and how to satisfy these policies.

Additional Help – Your child’s advisor will investigate specific college requirements and monitor college admission deadlines. We will also inform parents of our progress throughout the admissions process.

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