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Building TOEFL Vocabulary       
Chapter 2: Definition of Terms


Practice Activity Two

Words in Context- Sentence Completion


Directions: Study the common meanings of the words in Part A below.  Then use the words to complete each sentence in Part B.


Word                    Common definition/use

  1. cabinet              The cabinet in our kitchen is broken.
  2. race                  Who won the race, that is, the 100 meter dash.
  3. union               Marriage is a union between two people.
  4. article              The article in the magazine is about endangered species.
  5. bill                     Julio  forgot to pay the telephone bill this month.
  6. duty                 Some people believe it is their duty to serve in the military.
  7. graft                 The doctor performed a skin graft to replace the skin of the burn victim.
  8. trust                Do you trust that person whom you just met?
  9. stable              The stable in the barn was filled with hay.
  10. draft               There was a slightly cold draft in the kitchen.


    Part B – Context Clues/Cloze Activity: Using Words in Sentences

1. Countries must maintain a ______________ currency to ensure that their economies prosper.

2. During war, the military will sometimes ______________ young people into the armed services.

3. Some parents open a _______________ to ensure that their children have money in the future.

4. People in government must not accept ____________ in exchange for favors.

5. Many governments charge a ______________ for foreign goods brought into the country.

6. A____________ that would make same-sex marriage legal was sent to the legislature for consideration.

7. The_______________(s) of Confederation existed before the previous U.S. constitution.

8. The teachers____________ decided to strike for higher pay.

9. The______________ and nationality of a people are not as important as their character.

10. The presidential _________________will consist of members from both political parties.